Friday, March 29, 2013


Year 2013 started  towards the end of 2012. There was no waiting and certain initiatives had started in early 2013. This year was the highlight of 19 years of voluntary service, a committment so rare that one sees or never does in a lifetime. Many volunteers had dedicated themselves for the survival, expansion and growth of our Association.

A rare breed of individuals, that continue to march forward in the belief that WE ARE MAKING A HUGE CONTRIBUTION to the future of SA. We are also leaders in certain projects , with the wonderful engagement of the wider community.

The community is the Association and together we are the people's organisation-- for and by the people -- reaching out to ground zero levels-- that is at the core of community activities.

There is no turning back, there will be challenges and jointly these will be handled with sheer perserverance and dignity.

Welcome to Twinning 2013.


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