Friday, April 19, 2013

Time Travel - Betania Mission 1912 ( 8th March 2013)

The mission in this area started in 1885 by two Swedish missionaries (for confirmation). The school started in 1898 which was the first rural school on the entire South Coast. The school and the mission developed quite well in the early 1900's. A school building was erected and soon more buildings were added. It attracted learners, not only from the surrounding areas, but from far away as this was the only school in the Region. The school had both theoretical and practical training. Betania Mission became a community centre with a clinic, later a post office and public telephone. People gathered here to get help and information.
South Africa was changing a lot after the Anglo Boer War and Bambatha Rebellion - 1906. The Zulus had lost their land to the whites and many of them became workers on the cane fields, the lime quarries, the farms or the industries. Quite many went to Johannesburg as migrant labourers in the mines.
The Zulu traditions and family life were eroding and many were frustrated and angry.


SCENARIO: (Precis)
Today in 1912 the School Inspector is visiting Betania Mission. He will inspect the school and all the Education. His report is decisive for the future of the school. Everybody, learners, teachers, community and church members have to help to prepare the school for the inspection, clean the surroundings, brush the floors and have well conducted lessons. There is tension, and they commence the day with prayer.
1. Is Education important? Why? Does everybody have a chance to equal and comparable education on all levels? If not, how can we achieve that today?
2. How do we learn? By listening and reading? By participation? By reflection?
3. Is Society going in the right direction in the Educational system? What are the suggestions for improvement?
1. To be given an opportunity to do things that were done before I was born.
2. The sense of togetherness the students had for each other then, in comparison today.
3. Appreciation of Education today as comparison to learning under the tree.
4. More schools should be involved in Time Travel as it is an excellent learning method.

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