Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gamalakhe Tin Town 1968

The Story of Smangele Memela:

"The small Memala family, consisiting of a single mother, Bonnie, and her two children, Smangele 13 and Stumo 9, was moved from Albersville to Tin Town, Gamalakhe in October 1968. One morning people came knocking on their door in Albersville and they were told to leave immediately, together with 2-3 other families. They were moved to house number 258 in Tin Town Gamalakhe. In Albersville Blacks, Indians and some Whites were living together. Now it was turned into an Indian  area and all the Black houses were demolished. The Memelas were Catholics and became active in the small church close to their new house in Tin Town. The tin house they lived in was very small but soon another family came and the Memelas had to share their house with this new family arriving from Albersville."

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